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Express Shipping UK ⇔ Russia

Full Load express vans up to 1200kg incl. temperature controlled cargo. 12-48 hours panEurope deliveries. All urgent palletised shipments.
Anglo-Pol European Transport Ltd is a European road freight forwarding company specialising in express shipping of palletised cargo in dedicated sprinter vans. We organise express transport - both export and import - between the United Kingdom and the majority of EU countries. These include Belgium, the Czech Republic, Denmark, France, Germany, Hungary, Italy, the Netherlands, Poland, Spain and Sweden.
We also arrange express shipping of palletised cargo in dedicated sprinter vans between the UK and some NON EU countries, including Norway, Switzerland and Russia. Door to door transit time varies subject to distance, between approx.8 hours (e.g. London to Brussels) and 105 hours (e.g. London to Moscow), weather permitting. We specialize in direct express transport, i.e. the same vehicle that collects a shipment in the UK, delivers it directly to a consignee, thus eliminating the potential risk of transhipment damage.